Turner Centre at Kerikeri
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A vision and mission for the Turner Centre

To provide a facility that is the heart of the community, offering an accessible venue of first choice to all.


The creation of a venue that encourages and facilitates participation in social, creative, recreational, educational and commercial event. Developing an environment that is responsive to diverse user needs, and delivers ongoing social and economic benefits to the region.


Central to the vision of the Turner Centre is to support the education and development of our school children and youth, in particular those who display aptitude in the arts.


"Until the opening of the Turner Centre the ability of our best and brightest young talent was not always recognised due to lack of a suitable platform and facilities from which to showcase their skills".



Community is at the centre of what we do

Turner Centre is a community owned and operated asset. It is a not-for-profit, charitable enterprise that engages with the wider Far North communities providing a range of affordable and accessible venue options.

Many local organisations involved in a wide variety of activities including music, drama, fundraising, youth development, horticulture etc are regular users and contribute greatly to the enjoyment and ongoing education of our community. Strategic partnerships with significant community enterprises such as the biennial Kerikeri International Piano Competition, Bay of Islands Arts Festival Trust and Creative Northland are a vital element in our business mix.

We also seek ongoing sponsorship partnerships with a variety of local individuals and businesses whose generosity we greatly appreciate and rely on to produce excellence in performing arts. If you would like to partner with us as a sponsor click here.

Community involvement with an emphasis on creating and supporting development opportunities for our youth is the key to our success in the long term.

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