Turner Centre at Kerikeri

Terms of Business


All facilities are available for use by the regional community, businesses and show and event producers throughout New Zealand.


Contact the Venue manager for more information Email: venuemanager@turnercentre.co.nz

Download a Turner Centre Hire Agreement Form




1. Hirer’s Representative

Hirers are required to nominate one person to be their representative and to provide a permanent address, to which all communications may be sent. The person named will be accepted as being able to bind the hirer without further enquiry. The Hirer’s Representative is responsible for ensuring the hirer abides by the terms and conditions of the Hire Agreement.

2. Pencil and Confirmed Bookings

A ‘pencil’ booking by a potential hirer is an unconfirmed booking. To obtain confirmation of your booking you must sign two copies of the Hire Agreement and return them to The Centre with your deposit. This should be completed no later than sixty days prior to the date of hire. If another potential hirer seeks a booking for the same facility on the same dates as your pencil booking, The Centre will request your confirmation within 48 hours and if this is not received, your pencil booking will lapse. A booking made within sixty days of an event will be treated as a request for a confirmed booking, so confirmation and deposit will be requested within 48 hours. If this is not received, the pencil booking will lapse. The hirer may request amendment to the confirmed booking at any time and The Centre will accommodate the request if possible. The amendment must be confirmed in writing within 48 hours by executing a replacement Hire Agreement.

3. Security Deposit

A deposit of 50% of charges estimated in the Hire Agreement is payable not later than sixty working days prior to the first day of hire.

4. Cancellation

The hirer must notify The Centre in writing if the event is to be cancelled. If notification is not given in writing at least 10 working days before the first date of hire, the hirer will be invoiced for the full charges as set out in the Hire Agreement. A fee of 20% of the deposit will be forfeited if the booking is cancelled within 60 days of the first day of hire. The entire deposit will be forfeited if the booking is cancelled within 30 days of the first date of hire.

5. Period of Hire

The hire period is for the dates and times specified on the Hire Agreement. Please check these carefully to ensure all requirements can be met in this timeframe. Pack in, set up and pack out time is included in the hire period. Hirer’s equipment may not be stored at The Centre beyond the hire period or a charge of $250.00 + GST per day will be incurred. The Centre may apply an additional charge for each additional hour if the facility is not vacated at the time specified in the Hire Agreement.

6. Nature of the Event

The hirer will disclose the intended nature of the event for which the facility is to be hired and if approved will use it for no other purpose. The hirer confirms it has the authority to conduct the event and indemnifies The Centre from any claims with regard to the act or material contained in the event. The Centre reserves the right to decline bookings at its sole discretion.

7. Ticketing

The Centre operates a ticket office at its premises that is open in specified hours of the day or by special arrangement with hirers. For hirers electing to use the house service, ticket sales are effected through an 0800 number and box office. Tickets are also available via the Turner Centre web site. The surcharge scale for The Centre’s ticketing services is available on application. Hirers should note details of these functions from the Hire Agreement for incorporation in marketing communications. Assigned seating is required for all events in the Auditorium. General admission ticketing may only be used for non seated events in the Events Hall. All ticketing money received is held in trust until event completion.

8. Telephone/Fax

The Hirer accepts liability for all call costs/toll-charges incurred during their hire of the venue.

9. Wiring/Cabling

Any electrical, gas, plumbing or sound, lighting or communication wiring works required by a hirer shall require prior approval and must be carried out by contractors authorized by the Management in writing at the hirer’s expense.

10. Fly Tower / Lighting Platforms

For safety purposes access to these areas is restricted. Any work carried out in these areas must be authorized by The Centre management.

11. Fire Regulations

A comprehensive floor plan/sketch detailing entries, exits, aisle widths and general dimensions is required to be submitted by all tradeshows, exhibitor sites and any other construction type set-ups within the facilities. This must be lodged with The Centre at least one month prior to the event for approval. An event cannot take place without an approved floor plan. The Centre will provide you with floor plate illustrations and can assist in development of an approved floor plan. The use of theatrical smoke machines in any form can only be used after strict consultation with the venue management. The Centre reserves the right to refuse permission. If the fire alarm is activated due to misuse by the hirer, the hirer will be liable for any costs incurred.

12. Front of House Personnel

At every performance open to the public, either by personal invitation or ticket sales, The Centre will supply a Front of House Supervisor who is also the Fire Warden, together with the necessary ushers who work under the Supervisor’s direction. The ushers will take tickets, show patrons to their seats and remain in the venue to supervise public security and safety. If programme sellers are required they will work under the direction of the Front of House Supervisor, and may be provided by The Centre or the hirer.

13. Labour Charges

Hire charges include basic set up of facilities and provision of stock equipment according to our regular standard. Should additional labour be required to achieve a special configuration, a charge will be levied in your final invoice.

14. Health and Safety

All work carried out within The Centre must be in accordance with Health and Safety regulations and must be supervised by competent persons. The Centre operates a health and safety policy to ensure the safe operation of the premises. The Centre requires all hirers and their agents to ensure their own safety and the safety of others. In the event that any hirer believes there is any aspect of the premises that is unsafe or likely to create a danger, the hirer is to immediately notify the Centre Management. Copies of appropriate regulations and policies are available on request to The Centre’s management office.

15. Entry to the Premises

The Centre will have control over admission of the hirer, any guests, subcontractors and the public and reserves the right, without liability, to refuse entry to and/or to remove any person from the premises for any reason.

16. Technical Assistance

A preset lighting rig is included in the facility charge for the Auditorium Theatre. Any other lighting requirements or re-setting will incur additional technical charges. To avoid surprises, please specify technical requirements in detail. The theatre also has a comprehensive sound system available for use by qualified personnel only. The Centre has in-house technical support – charges on application - Services required will be discussed on an individual basis. It is recommended that hirers wishing to avail themselves of these services give as much advance notice as possible. There is a minimum charge of 1 hour for this service. OSH and Fire Regulations require that, at all times the Auditorium is in use, there is a trained member of Centre staff present as Stage Supervisor - additional to the hire fee - price on application to Centre management.

17. Energy Consumption

Energy consumption in the Main Auditorium is metered for stage performances. The tariff includes provision for normal usage. Heavy consumption will be charged additionally. Please discuss your likely usage with management to avoid surprises.

18. Advertising and Promotion

The hirer is responsible for the advertising and promotion of any event. The Centre will assist in promotion of public events at The Centre by displaying the hirer’s advertising material in the complex, posting details on its website and by direct email communication to a network of supporters. Any additional promotional services required, including costs, to be discussed with management.

19. Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment

The hirer will not remove any fixtures from any part of the facility. If alterations are desired for an event, please discuss this with The Centre staff. No furniture may be taken outside the building. No nails, screws or hooks are to be put into the walls, doors and frames of the venues or adhesive tape used on any wall surface. No equipment belonging to The Centre is to be removed from the complex. Pianos may only be used if prior arrangements have been made, and may not be moved except by arrangement with staff. Please talk to our staff about your requirements.

20. Hirer’s Property


The Centre will take all necessary care to maintain the security of the facility, but will take no responsibility for damage to or loss of property or merchandise left in The Centre prior to, during or after the event. The hirer is responsible for bringing in, setting up and removing of any property or merchandise at the hirer’s expense. There is no after event storage provided at The Centre for hirer’s property. All property must be packed out promptly after the final show and inside the time contracted. Failure to do so will incur a daily charge of $250.00 + GST (see also Period of Hire).

21. Noise Levels

Noise control may be subject to the provisions of the Far North District Plan and the Resource Management Act. It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure permissible sound levels are not exceeded. A copy of noise control regulations is available on application to the management office.

22. Smoking

There is to be no smoking in any part of the complex.

23. Emergency Procedures and Egress

The Police, Fire Service and Duty Fire Warden shall at all times have the right of entry to any part of the facility and all hirers shall at all times comply with directions issued by those/that person(s). The hirer shall ensure all exits and approaches to exits provided in the facility are kept clear of any furniture, equipment and materials. The illuminated EXIT signs must be visible at all times to the public. The hirer will ensure that set ups do not block alarms, smoke detectors or hose reels at any time.

24. Security

Duty Security Officers and The Centre staff shall at all times have the right of access to all facilities, and all users of the facility are to comply with their directions. The hirer will ensure that when backstage doors, outside doors and windows are open they are not left unattended and that they are locked otherwise. After normal office hours access to the facility will be given to the hirer by the Duty Security Officer. Please discuss your requirements with staff of The Centre. You must advise them of your predetermined times of entry and departure no later than 10 working days prior to the event. Failure to switch off lights and heaters and to secure all exterior doors and windows in the areas used, will incur a penalty of $250.00 + GST. Failure to return keys will incur a charge of $250.00 + GST.

25. Damages and Insurance

If any damage occurs to any part of The Centre property during the hirer’s event, caused by the hirer, the hirer’s guests, invitees or subcontractors, the hirer will be charged for repair or replacement.

The cost of damage, breakage or pilferage will be charged on the invoice for the event.

Should it be considered necessary by The Centre, the hirer will place additional insurance, or hire additional security, at the hirer’s expense.

1. Commercial Users

It is a condition of hire that the hirer, at the hirer’s expense, shall effect and keep current for the duration of the Hire Period, a policy of public liability insurance to the value of $5,000,000 which is in all respects acceptable to The Centre. If required to do so, the hirer shall provide a copy of the policy of public liability insurance to The Centre, immediately following any request by The Centre.

2. Non Commercial Users

It is a condition of hire that the hirer shall effect and keep current for the duration of the Hire Period a policy of public liability insurance to the value of $1,000,000 which is in all respects acceptable to The Centre. If required to do so, the hirer shall provide a copy of the policy of public liability insurance to The Centre immediately following any request by The Centre.

26. Stage Door Security

A stage door keeper is required for all theatrical performances in the Auditorium or Garden Theatre from two hours prior to the performance and until all those involved in the production have left the back stage area.

The hirer may, by prior arrangement with The Centre, supply the stage door keeper to work under the direction of the Front of House Supervisor. The Centre reserves the right to decline appointment of any person to this position for any reason.

The Centre’s charge to provide a stage door keeper is $20 + GST per hour.

27. Catering

There is no in-house caterer at The Centre. External suppliers offering a range of styles and menu choices have been identified by The Centre and may be accessed on application to the management office.

A small kitchen is available if required for finishing and meal service by external caterers, or for self-service tea and coffee making in association with functions in the Events Hall and Plaza. It must be booked on the Hire Agreement. All crockery and cutlery are to be provided by the hirer and removed promptly after the event.

28. Cleaning

The hirer will ensure the premises are kept in a clean and tidy condition. All rubbish, food scraps, crockery, cutlery and glassware must be removed at the completion of the function. Any rubbish left will be disposed of at the hirers’ expense and added to the final invoice.

Any cleaning required after an event will be on charged to the hirer on final invoice.

For any function involving food and beverages, vegetation or loose materials a bond of up to $200 + GST for additional cleaning may be required to ensure rooms are restored to the condition as checked by staff prior to hire.

29. Licensed Premises

The Centre is licensed for sale and consumption of liquor Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 7 a.m. to 12 midnight. Prescribed events catered by preferred suppliers may operate under The Centre’s license. In other instances the hirer may need to obtain his own license. Please contact the Licensing Agency, Far North District Council, by phoning 09 407 5682 if you require information on how to obtain this license.

The Centre is not responsible for any breaches of the Liquor License and Laws by the hirer and the hirer must ensure that all activities regarding the use and sale of liquor are in accordance with Liquor Licensing Laws.

Bar Service is provided for any event booked in the Auditorium at no charge. For any other function that requires Bar Service there is a charge of $40.00+gst/hour for the Duty Manager.

30. Alcohol and Drugs

No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the venues or backstage without prior arrangement.

No un-prescribed narcotics or illegal substances may be consumed on the premises at any time.

30. Venue Capacity

Each of The Centre’s facilities has a maximum rated capacity under different seating arrangements and configurations. Figures used in the tabulated sections that follow are, in some instances rounded so please check the exact numbers in advance.

Wheel chair space is available in all venues. Assignment of wheelchair spaces reduces the overall capacity of each venue.

Four seats at every public performance in the Auditorium and the Events Centre are reserved as house seats for the exclusive use of management in ensuring that the operation of the event is mutually satisfactory and/or for emergency seating for visiting dignitaries and other appropriate uses. In the event of a sold out house, these seats may be released for sale on behalf of the promoter, no later than one hour before the event.

31. Final Numbers
The hirer must advise The Centre of the expected number of people who will attend 7 days prior to the event and update this number 48 hours prior to the event.

32. Subletting

The hirer may not sublet the facility or pass on additional charges for use of the facility without first having the approval in writing of The Centre’s Manager.

33. Evacuation

The common meeting point should you need to evacuate the building is the rear carpark area near the western (town end) floodlight standard. Do not impede emergency vehicles or personnel by gathering near doors and fire exits. Readmittance, if practicable, will be allowed only through front doors.

A fire safety venue evacuation scheme is available for presentation to all hirers.During your period of hire of our venue, you may be required to appoint warden(s) and to observe the regulations requirements.

Building Warden: Turner Centre Manager (or Duty Manager) is designated Fire Safety Officer and Building Warden.

Door Wardens / Ushers: Must be trained in evacuation of the venue to ensure that should the occasion arise, everybody is evacuated safely to the designated meeting point. Numbers of staff are prescribed by law, dependent on the number of people expected within the venue.

34. Pricing

Charges for hire of The Centre facilities at full commercial rates are available on application.

Goods and services tax must be added to the quoted rates, unless stated otherwise.

35. Animals

No animals are permitted on the premises unless prior arrangement has been made with The Centre management.

Guide Dogs accepted.