Turner Centre at Kerikeri

Terms of Business


All facilities are available for use by the regional community, businesses and show and event producers throughout New Zealand.


Contact the Venue manager for more information Email: venuemanager@turnercentre.co.nz


1. Hirer’s Representative • Hirers are required to nominate one person to be their representative and to provide a permanent address to which all communications may be sent. The person named will be accepted as being able to bind the hirer without further enquiry. • The Hirer’s Representative is responsible for ensuring the hirer abides by the terms and conditions of the Hire Agreement

2. Pencil and Confirmed Bookings • A ‘pencil’ booking by a potential hire is an unconfirmed booking. • To obtain confirmation of your booking, you must return a signed copy of the Hire Agreement. Signed agreements may be scanned and emailed, posted or faxed back to Venue Management. • A 50% deposit invoice will be generated after receipt of the Hire Agreement. This must be paid within 7 days to secure the booking. • If another potential hirer seeks a booking for the same facility on the same dates as your pencil booking, Turner Centre will request your confirmation within 48 hours, and if this is not received, your pencil booking will lapse. • A booking made within thirty days of an event is treated as a request for a confirmed booking, so confirmation is required within 48 hours. If this is not received, the booking will lapse. • The hirer may request an amendment(s) to the confirmed booking at any time and Turner Centre will accommodate the request if possible. The amendment(s) must be confirmed in writing within 48 hours. • The Turner Centre reserves the right to cancel any bookings if signed agreement(s) are not returned.

3. Cancellation • The hirer must notify Turner Centre of cancellation of an event a minimum of 10 days before the event. Cancellation within ten days will result in the requirement of full payment for the event. • 20% of the deposit will be forfeited if the bookings cancelled within 60 days of the first day of hire. • 100% of the deposit will be forfeited if the bookings cancelled within 30 days of the first date of hire. • Cancellation of performance must be notified within three working days’ notice to enable notification for ticket holders.

4. Period of Hire • The hire period dates and times specified in the Hire Agreement. Please check these carefully to ensure all requirements can be met in this timeframe. • Pack in, set up and pack out time is included in the hire period. Hirer’s equipment may not be stored at The Turner Centre beyond the hire period unless otherwise arranged with 48 hours’ notice to Venue Management. Failure to comply may result in a charge of $250.00 + GST applied at the discretion of the Venue Manager. • Turner Centre may apply an additional charge for each additional hour if the facility is not vacated over and above the time specified in the contract.

5. Nature of the Event • The hirer will disclose the intended nature of the event for which the facility is to be hired and if approved will use it for no other purpose. The hirer will disclose relevant information (e.g. smoke effects, pyrotechnics) on schedules and times of events and keep the Turner Centre fully informed of any changes to said schedules. • The hirer confirms it has the authority to conduct the event and indemnifies Turner Centre from any claims about the act or material contained in the event. • Turner Centre reserves the right to decline bookings.

6. Ticketing • Turner Centre operates a ticket office at its premises that is open within specified hours or by special arrangement with hirers. The Turner Centre ticket exclusively for all events. • A copy of the signed ticketing agreement must be returned to confirm ticketing arrangements with the Turner Centre box office. • All ticketing money received is held in trust until after the event. • For all ticketed events settlement will be made within five working days of the event.

7. Internet • If you require access to our wireless network, please request appropriate codes from Venue Management on the day of hire. • Basic access to the internet will be available at no additional charge. • If your usage exceeds 1 GB, you will be charged on the final invoice for each GB or part thereof that you use. The rate for this is $8.00 per GB

8. Wiring/Cabling • Any electrical, gas, plumbing or sound, lighting or communication wiring required by a hirer shall require prior approval and must be carried out by contractors authorised by the Management in writing at the hirer’s expense. • All electrical equipment brought onto the premises must display a current electrical test tag to ensure the unit’s safety.

9. Fly Tower / Lighting Platforms • For safety purposes, access to these areas is restricted. Any work carried out in these areas must be authorised by Turner Centre management. Venue Management reserves the right to request work plans and health and safety based assessments before the commencement of work in restricted areas.

10. Fire Regulations • A comprehensive floor plan/sketch detailing entries, exits, aisle widths and general dimensions is required to be submitted by all tradeshows, exhibitor sites and any other construction type set-ups within the facilities. These must be lodged with Turner Centre at least one month before the event for approval. An event cannot take place without an approved floor plan. • Turner Centre will provide you with floor plan illustrations and can assist in the development of an approved floor plan. • The use of theatrical smoke/fog/haze machines in any form can only be used after strict consultation with the venue management. Turner Centre reserves the right to refuse permission. • If the fire alarm is activated due to misuse by the hirer, including but is not limited to smoking, unauthorised use of smoke/haze/fog machines, burning incense, cooking, vehicle emissions and general failure to ventilate spaces, the hirer will be liable for any costs incurred.

11. Front of House Personnel • At every performance open to the public, either by personal invitation or ticket sales, Turner Centre will supply a Front of House Supervisor who is also the Fire Warden, together with the necessary ushers who work under the Supervisor’s direction. The ushers will take tickets, show patrons to their seats and remain in the venue to supervise public security and safety. • The Turner Centre can provide Programme Sellers, but we must be notified no later than seven days before arrival at the venue of this requirement.

12. Labour Charges • Hire charges to include basic set up of facilities and provision of stock equipment. Should additional labour be required, a charge will be levied in your final invoice.

13. Health and Safety • All work carried out within Turner Centre must be in accordance with Health and Safety regulations and must be supervised by competent persons. • Turner Centre operates a health and safety policy to ensure the safe operation of the premises. The Turner Centre also works to the “Guide to Safe Working Practices in the Entertainment Industry”. • The Turner Centre requires all hirers and their agents to ensure their safety and the safety of others. If any hirer believes there is an aspect of the premises that is unsafe or likely to create a danger, the hirer is to notify Venue Management immediately. • Failure to comply with health and safety requirements may result in the cancellation of your event. • Copies of appropriate regulations and policies are available on request to Turner Centre’s management office.

14. Entry to the Premises • Turner Centre will have control over the admission of the hirer, any guests, subcontractors and the public and reserves the right, without liability, to refuse entry to and to remove any person from the premises for any reason.

15. Technical Assistance • A pre-set lighting rig is included in the facility charge for the Auditorium Theatre. Any other lighting requirements or re-setting will incur additional technical charges. To avoid unexpected charges, please specify technical requirements in detail no less than fourteen days before your arrival at the venue. • The theatre also has a comprehensive sound system available for use by experienced personnel only. Turner Centre has in-house technical support. Services required will be discussed on an individual basis. • There is a minimum charge of 3 hours for technical services. • OSH and Fire Regulations require that, when the Auditorium is in use, there is an approved Venue Technician present. • The counterweight system and specialised stage equipment can only be operated under the supervision of the Turner Centre’s Venue Technician; this will be charged accordingly in addition to the venue hire. • All personnel in the Auditorium are required to abide by Venue Health and Safety rules at all times, and instructions given by Venue Personnel. Personnel working on the stage including but not limited to hirers/ hirers agents /volunteers/subcontractors, which continue to act in disregard of Venue rules and protocols will be removed from the work site to preserve the safety and integrity of the venue and everyone working in the environment.

16. Energy Consumption • Energy consumption is metered for stage performances. The venue hire includes provision for normal usage. Heavy consumption will be charged additionally. Please advise Turner Centre’s management if the extended use of heating or stage lighting is anticipated.

17. Advertising and Promotion • The hirer is responsible for the advertising and promotion of their event/s. • The Turner Centre does provide some marketing and promotion through mediums such as local papers, social media and TV screens. Such promotion will only take place upon receipt of requested materials (images, blurbs and other event-specific information) by the Turner Centre, along with the signed contract by the hirer. The Turner Centre reserves the right to place event adverts in any order, at any time, in any medium (or no medium), at their sole discretion. • The Turner Centre reserves the right to refuse, or request changes for, promotional materials that do not align with the Centre’s brand guidelines. • The Turner Centre may be able to assist with the promotion of public events at the Turner Centre. However, this will be at an additional cost, to be communicated with the hirer before any work commences. A typical example of this is printing and distribution of event posters. • Any additional promotional services required, including costs, are to be discussed with Venue Management prior to the event, and prior to the commencement of services.

18. Merchandising • Merchandise may be sold with prior approval from Venue Management and will incur a 15% commission charge on total sales, payable on the day of the event. If Turner Centre staff are required to facilitate the selling of merchandise notification is required no less than seven days before arrival at the venue. Merchandise staff are at an additional cost.

19. Fixtures, Fittings and Equipment • The hirer will not remove any fixtures from any part of the facility. If alterations are required for an event, please discuss this with Turner Centre Venue Management. • No fixtures or fittings are to be installed directly into the walls, doors, floors or frames of the venues or adhesive tape used on any wall surface. No equipment belonging to Turner Centre is to be removed from the complex. • Pianos are available by prior arrangement; they must not be moved except by arrangement with Venue Management.

20. Hirer’s Property • Turner Centre will take all necessary care to maintain the security of the facility but will take no responsibility for damage to or loss of property or merchandise left at Turner Centre at any time. • The hirer is responsible for bringing in, setting up and removing of any property or merchandise at the hirer’s expense. • There is no after event storage provided at Turner Centre for hirer’s property. 21. Noise Levels • Noise control is subject to the provisions of the Far North District Plan and the Resource Management Act. • It is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure sound levels are not exceeded. A copy of noise control regulations is available on application to the management office. • In line with “A Guide for Safe Working Practices in the New Zealand Theatre & Entertainment Industry”, sound levels will be closely monitored for any amplified event and if, with the use of an industry regulation DB meter, deemed to be excessive, the hirer or their representative will be asked to reduce it. The Turner Centre reserves the right to close down the event if there is no compliance.

22. Smoking • There is to be no smoking in any part of the complex.

23. Emergency Procedures and Egress • In the event of an emergency Venue Management and Emergency Personnel shall have the right of entry to any part of the facility. Hirers are required to comply with directions issued. • The hirer will ensure emergency call points, smoke sensors, exits & fire hose reels remain accessible at all times.

24. Security • Venue Management shall at all times have the right of access to all facilities, and all users of the facility are to comply with their directions. • The hirer will assist in maintaining the security of the complex by ensuring all doors are closed as appropriate. • After normal office hours, access to the facility will be by arrangement. The Turner Centre operates a Building Access Policy which must be adhered to at all times.

25. Damages and Insurance • Any damages caused by the hirer during the period of hire to the Turner Centre facilities will be on charged in the final invoice. • Should it be considered necessary by Turner Centre, the hirer will engage additional security at their own expense. • It is expected that all hirers have public liability insurance of $5,000,000 minimum. A copy of the public liability policy should be provided to the Turner Centre.

26. Catering • There is no in-house caterer at Turner Centre. • We have a commercial Kitchen that can be booked for events. Caterers must provide their Registration certificate with the Far North District Council before the event. • Please request a copy of the Turner Centre Kitchen Use Policy

27. Cleaning • The hirer will ensure the premises are left in a clean and tidy condition. • Hirers will be responsible for removing food scraps and any other product that may create a health risk. • The use of glitter, confetti, bubbles and other similar products that are difficult to remove are not permitted. The hirer shall obtain permission from Venue Management if any such products are proposed to be used. • For private functions or large events, a cleaning fee of $300 + GST may be incurred. Alternatively, cleaning can be undertaken by the hirer.

28. Licensed Premises • The Turner Centre is licensed for sale and consumption of liquor Monday to Sunday, between the hours of 7 a.m. to midnight. The Turner Centre operates an Alcohol Policy, and all events at the Turner Centre must abide by this policy.

• The Turner Centre is not responsible for any breaches of the Liquor License and Laws by the hirer, and the hirer must ensure that all activities regarding the use and sale of liquor are in accordance with Liquor Licensing Laws. • Bar Service is provided for any performances at no additional charge. • For any other function that requires Bar Service, a minimum bar spend will be outlined in the quote. • No alcohol may be brought onto the premises without the strict permission of Venue Management. • A copy of the Turner Centre Alcohol Policy is available on request.

29. Alcohol and Drugs • No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the venues or backstage without prior arrangement. • No alcoholic beverages can be consumed while on or before duty; this applies to all hirers/subcontractors on site. Intoxicated persons will not be permitted to enter a working environment. • No un-prescribed narcotics or illegal substances may be consumed on the premises at any time.

30. Venue Capacity • Each of Turner Centre’s facilities has a maximum rated capacity under different seating arrangements and configurations. Wheelchair space is available in all venues. Assignment of wheelchair spaces reduces the overall capacity of each venue.

31. Auditorium House Seats • In the Auditorium, three seats will be held for Wheelchair patrons (L25 – 27), Venue management reserve the right to release these seats if and when it deems suitable. • In the Auditorium, the Turner Centre has approx. 13 house seats. These may be released for general sale but until such time are held by the Turner Centre. These seats are for Auditorium performances only. • In the event of a sold-out house, House seats may be released for sale on behalf of the promoter.

31 b. Additional Auditorium Seats • There are an additional 32 seats that can be installed in the Auditorium for a maximum capacity of 408. These are referred to as AA & BB and are placed on the forestage/apron section of the stage if this is not otherwise required. • Please refer to the Turner Centre Ticketing Agreement.

32. Subletting • The hirer may not sublet the facility.

33. Evacuation • The common meeting point should you need to evacuate the building is the upper car park area. • On arrival at the venue, Venue Management will make you aware of all emergency procedures.

34. Pricing • Charges for Hire of Turner Centre facilities are available on application.

35. Animals • No animals, except service dogs, are permitted on the premises unless prior arrangement has been made with Venue Management.

36. Force Majeure • In the event that the Venue Operator or the Hirer is unable to perform or discharge their respective obligations under this Agreement by reason of any fire, flood, earthquake or similar catastrophic event, outbreak of state of emergency, Act of God, warlike hostilities, an Act of Parliament, regulation or direction or any strike or industrial action or epidemic (together “Force Majeure Event”); which is beyond the reasonable control of the party affected then the parties’ respective rights and obligations shall be suspended. Each of the parties shall be relieved of their respective obligations during the Force Majeure Event, always provided that the dates and times for the Event and Hire Period shall not be varied or extended as a result of such Force Majeure Event, except with the written agreement of both parties

37. Settlement • Bookings at the Turner Centre will not proceed without returned signed contracts/agreements. The Hirer agrees to all of the Terms and Conditions stated above and applicable policies as well as any specific arrangements/requirements as negotiated with the Venue Manager. • The Turner Centre advises that settlement must be on or before the 20th of the month following the month of the specified event and that the Turner Centre will be entitled to charge interest at the rate of 5% per month on any outstanding balance. The Turner Centre will pass on all costs involved with the collection of all monies to the hirer if collection agents are required.

NOTE: These terms and conditions are up to date as at 01/01/2019 and may change at any time. These terms and conditions are superceded by contractual terms and conditions specific to you as the promoter.