Turner Centre at Kerikeri

Main Auditorium Technical Specifications

Total seating - forestage lowered 408
Total seating - forestage raised 375
Seating in the back rows (K14-16, L15,16) can be removed for FOH Operating positions. Others are by unbolting which takes time.

Seating can be removed in row 5 for a temporary operating position.(Not part of the general ‘removable seating’. Any seating could be removed but takes time and risks damage.

Full size orchestra pit
Microclimate air conditioning system (displacement ventilation)

Download auditorium seating plan

Download auditorium, bar, backstage plan

Download stage measurements



Changing Rooms
The changing rooms are located at stage level and comprise two general rooms each of 23.7m² with ensuite toilet/shower areas, together with two principal's changing rooms, both of which are ensuited.


Green Room
The Green Room is located beneath the stage and measures 23m².


Workshop Areas
Stage workshop 40m2
Middle workshop 26.6m2
Upper workshop 53.3m2


The upper workshop floor has a trapdoor which, together with an overhead hoist, provides access from the stage level. The stage workshop has roller door access from the eastern service lane plus roller shutter connection to the stage.


The upper workshop has a sloping ceiling rising 8.7m from floor level at peak height.


13.5m width x 6.525m height, wall to wall, 22.0m

Download safe working load diagram

Download counterweight spacings diagram

Depth, setting line to back wall, 10.0m
Height, off auditorium floor, 1.0m


Height, adjustable by pelmet border, 6.525m
Width, adjustable by Tormenters, 11.680m


Fixed Forestage
Width, on stage side, 11.680m
Depth, setting line to orchestra pit, 2.260m


Width, on stage side, 11.680m
Depth, on the centre line, 2.260m
Vertical Movement: Level adjustable, 2.565m



Height from stage to underside, 14.0m
Maximum flying height, 13.5m


Height from stage to underside 6.5m


Stage Rigging
Counterweight suspension sets (450kg max), 28
Panorama sets (300kg max), 2
Drop-line suspension sets (75kg max), 24
Batten length, winch sets, 15.6m
Batten length, panorama sets, 8.850m
Batten type, winch sets, 75x50mm RHS
Batten type, panorama sets, 75x50mm RHS
Batten point load, 150kg


Rigging Extensions
Batten extensions, 12
Lighting ladder tracks
Leg extensions, 8
Tormentor frames, 4
FOH lighting truss, 1
Cyclorama frame, 1


Stage Surface
Sprung floor finished with Brush box timber stained dark, 1




Main curtain pelmet, hung on c/w set, velour, 350gms m², red, 1
Main curtain, hung on c/w set, velour, 350gms m², red, 1pr
Main curtain backing, hung on c/w set, backing, 350gms m², black, 1pr
Masking tabs, centre opening tracks, velour, 350gms m², black, 2pr
Masking borders, hung on C/W sets, velour, 350gms m², black, 4
Masking legs, hung on C/W sets, velour, 350 gms m², black, 4pr
Tormentor covers, hung on C/W set, velour, 350gms m², black, 1pr
Tormentor border, hung on C/W set, velour, 350gms m², black, 1
Cyclorama, hung on batten, filled cloth, white, 1
Tab tracks, 2
Sand bags, 15




Download stage LX plans

Stage Lighting
Control: Strand 520 main console (250 channel 250 attributes - 1 universe)

Ancillary control: TL Starlet 12 way (DMX hub)

Riggers Remote: Wife type handheld operating on DMX

Data System: Distributed DMX512

House-Light: Dynalite fixed and pluggable controllers

Stage lighting: Strand SD6 packs - 10 amp channels, 108
House-lighting: Dynalite wall racks with DMX control

Load Patching
Custom - Patch lead type
Lighting circuits, 349


Electrical Supply
Stage lighting: Fixed wire equipment racks
Equipment outlets: 40amp 3 phase, 11
Follow spot outlets: 25amp 1 phase, 8
Live outlets: 10 am, 52


Stage Lighting Equipment, Luminaire
Fixed beam profile 10°, 10
Zoom profiles 19°, 16
Zoom profiles 26°, 19
Fixed beam profile 36°, 10
Fresnels 1.2Kw, 15
Fresnels 2Kw, 20
P.C. 1.2Kw, 10
Parcans, 31
Top Cyc-light, 7
Floods, 6


Stage Lighting Equipment, Spot Bars
Pre-wired, 4
Loomed (Cyc), 1


Stage Lighting Equipment, Luminaire Accessories
Iris units, 5
Gobo holders, 10
Telescopic stand,s 2
Extension leads, assorted, 120
Lighting ladders, 8
Boom stand, 4
Pipe arms, 30


The Turner Centre has an in-house industry standard sound system suitable for all types of productions and performances.


A high power 1200 watt multi - amplifier suite with high power speakers consisting of 15 inch Electrovoice left right and side fill channels, front and balcony fill and delay speaker system.


The system has been balanced to provide optimum performance in all seats in the Audiotorium and provides optimum performance without the addition of other systems.


The input arrangements consist of 88 microphone and speaker patching boxes in all necessary locations, a 24 channel manual console mixing panel and a 4 channel computer mixer with 5 SM58 GP microphones and tripod stands, 2 lapel and 1 handheld cordless microphone, 1 CD player.


The main sound stage 24 channel Mixing Console is operated from the main lighting and sound control room with communication links to operators and stage management for queue prompts.


The stage fold-back system for performers' sound feedback consists of one amplifier and 3 x 12inch and 2 x 15 inch speakers able to be patched to any location on stage and controlled from the sound console.


A back of house paging system for prompting and manager audio system for technical operators is in use. Background foyer music is available for ambience as guests arrive.